Monday 16 September 2013

SBAT Service Station

SBAT Service Station has been used to identify interventions at existing service stations in South Africa to improve sustainability performance. The study found that a wide range of interventions could be carried out to improve sustainability performance of service stations.

Interventions proposed not only served to improve the sustainability of the site and building, but also supported improved sustainability performance of the local area, through for instance, improved local access banking, retail and communication facilities.

Implementing many of the interventions could be readily justified as interventions had payback periods of under 2 years and would yield significant reductions in operational costs, as well as improved environmental and social performance.

SBAT service station was also used to propose a new prototype for service stations. The new prototypes addressed projections within the industry related to fossil fuels and alternative energy sources by developing access, service and structural strategies that enabled a flexible and responsive approach to the provision of energy and other services locally.

Recommendations by Gauge have been adopted and a R500 million building programme is being undertaken. Further detail can be found at: